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4 Reasons Fly Fishing Kern Is A Wintertime Must

Imagine this: You're taking in a deep lungful of the freshest air you've had in a long while. A crisp chill brushes your cheeks and fingers, but you hardly notice. All around you, there's the gentle rustle of leaves, the murmuring of the river, and best of all, the satisfying zip of your fly line cutting through the air.

Winter on the Kern is something else and one of the best-kept secrets of Southern California; we're here to tell you why it's downright incredible. Sure, fly fishing tops the list – those fish don't stop eating just because it's colder! But it's not just about the fishing. With fewer folks around, stunning landscapes draped in snow, and cozy cabins to bunk down in, Kernville's a top-notch winter hangout for families and lone wolves alike.

Wintertime in Kernville Kern River Valley
A snowy season in Kern River Valley. Photo from @sierrasouthmtnsport on Instagram

1----Peaceful Fishing, No Crowds: Hitting the Kern in winter means you get the river pretty much to yourself. It's calm, quiet, and draped in winter's best – perfect for those who like their fishing with a side of solitude. Surrounding peaks can get heavy snows in winter; if the timing is right you can enjoy snowy mountain vistas while you cast away.

2----A Different Kind of Wilderness: The Kern River Valley's a snug little spot, not as packed as the Eastern Sierras, and that's part of its charm. With a heap of fishing spots to choose from, you've got plenty of chances to find your own slice of heaven. Drop by the shop and we'll point you to some prime winter spots or set you up with a guide who knows the river like the back of their hand.

3----Mountain Hideaways (with a discount!): After a day of fly fishing, why head back when you could cozy up in a Kernville cabin? We've got some beauties here, and they're just the ticket for a night or two. Send the owners of these cabins a message before booking, the Kern River Fly Shop community gets a special rate on the cabins below! Click on a photo to view/book!

4----Trails Galore: Whether you're trekking to the perfect fishing spot or just out for a wander, Kernville's trails have something for everyone. Winter temperatures in the area are often gentle, making it perfect for plenty of hiking adventures. You'll likely have the trails all to yourself!  In town, snow is a rare guest, typically leaving just an inch or two that quickly disappears.  Swing by our shop and we'll let you in on our favorite hikes. We've been around these parts a long time and love sharing the best bits with visitors. 

wintertime in kernville
The Big Trees Loop. Photo Credit:

So there you have it – Kernville in winter is a slice of the good life, and we're here to help you make the most of it. Come on down and see for yourself!

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