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CALIFORNIA SNOWPACK UPDATE SPRING 2024: All caught up (and then some)

snowpack sierras

California's snowpack has seen a dramatic turn from the start of the year to now, marking an incredible increase. In our last report in February, the snowpack levels were not quite as high as hoped. However, rainfall was above normal, leaving little drought present and favorable projected conditions for the Kern river.

As of this month, California greeted us with a snowpack that's 110% of the April 1st average. While it doesn't touch last year's massive 237%, it's still great news for our Kern River and the fish. This snowpack, our natural water tank, supplies around 30% of California's water, promising a stellar season for fly fishing.

According to weather analyst and storm chaser Colin McCarthy, this kind of recovery within the snowpack has not been recorded in the 21st century. McCarthy points out the rarity of such a turnaround, especially given at the beginning of February, the snowpack was at 53% of normal.

This exciting snowpack level was fueled by relentless winter storms, including a series of atmospheric rivers and a significant blizzard, reshaping the snowfall landscape in the Sierra Nevada. This surge not only brought the snowpack levels up but also positioned the state's water supply on firmer ground, a relief given the past years of drought conditions.

Looking at the broader picture, this snowpack recovery is a boon for California, offering a second consecutive year free from the clutches of drought. This ideal scenario of a stable water supply hits the sweet spot: it's enough to keep drought conditions at bay for the coming year without being so excessive that we'd worry about flooding.

For the Kern River, this means a sustained flow that promises an enriching environment for trout and a thrilling season for anglers.

man fly fishing kern river

As we move deeper into 2024, the conditions could not be more promising. High soil moisture levels from last year's rains and this year's snowpack ensure a vibrant river ecosystem, teeming with life. 

This year, whether you're a seasoned angler or new to the sport, the Kern River awaits with open arms! Our expert guides are ready to make your fishing trips unforgettable, leveraging the perfect conditions nature has provided us.

Leave the city buzz behind, step into the embrace of nature, and rediscover yourself through the art of fly fishing. With the perfect conditions laid out by Mother Nature, there’s no better time to immerse in this beautiful practice by the Kern River. Let’s seize this moment to create unforgettable memories, surrounded by the serenity and bounty only the great outdoors can offer.



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