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GONE FISHIN’: Lake Isabella Calls Anglers To Its Diverse Fishing Waters

Lake Isabella float trips fly fishing
A stunning shot of Lake Isabella captured by our team last year

Hello, adventurous souls and fly fishing enthusiasts! As the Kern River swells with the spring snowmelt, it’s the perfect time to explore the wonders of Lake Isabella. This reservoir, fed by both the South and North Forks of the Upper Kern, transforms into a thriving fishery and a downright blast!

Lake Isabella Offers Whatever Floats Your Boat!

Lake Isabella is an adventurer’s playground, offering many ways to enjoy its expansive waters and abundant fishery. Whether you prefer the gentle sway of a boat, the up-close experience of a float tube, or the stability of fishing from the shore, there’s a perfect spot for everyone. Each method offers a unique perspective on this beautiful lake and its thriving ecosystem. Simply choose your adventure!

Hooked on Variety: The Species in Lake Isabella

At Lake Isabella, anglers are treated to a vibrant array of fish species, each adding its own splash of excitement to your fishing adventure. Home to crappie, carp, and bass, the lake offers diverse challenges for both novice and experienced anglers alike.

Crappie Fly Fishing

These spirited fish are a favorite among anglers for their feisty nature. Fishing for crappie can be especially rewarding during the cooler parts of the day, making early mornings and late evenings particularly exciting.

Carp Fly Fishing

Known for their strength and size, carp provide a robust challenge for any angler. The thrill of hooking a carp among the submerged trees as the water rises is unmatched. It’s a unique experience that combines skill, patience, and a bit of luck.

Bass Fly Fishing

The bass at Lake Isabella are a major draw, with opportunities to catch them throughout the day. Topwater fishing for bass offers a heart-pounding experience as you watch the water’s surface break with a successful strike.

The Joy of Fishing at Lake Isabella

There’s a reason people return to Lake Isabella year after year: it’s fun, it’s rewarding, it’s beautiful! The combination of beautiful landscapes and fish-filled waters makes every visit a memorable adventure.

Grab your gear and come see what makes Lake Isabella the perfect place for your next fishing trip.

See fly fishing Lake Isabella in action in the video below!

(starts at the 3:50 mark)

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