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Fly fishing California's beautiful creeks in the Sequoia National Forest


Two great podcasts enjoyed by anglers and beyond
Guy Jeans Podcast Logo: Everything Outdoors, Conservation, Music, and Life

The Guy Jeans Podcast

Everything outdoors, conservation, music, & life

If there were ever a podcast that could be loved by all, this fits the bill! Join Guy as he sits down with some of the most interesting minds in music, business, fly fishing, and more!

Kern River Fly Shop Podcast

Guy Jeans talks everything Kern River Valley and Kern River Fly Shop news

Want to get all the latest updates on Kern River Valley, the shop, and hook some fly fishing tips and tricks while you're at it? Listen in to keep your finger on the fin. 

Kern River Fly Shop Podcast Logo: Guy Jeans talks everything about Kern River Valley and Kern River Fly shop news
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