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3 Reasons You Should Start Euro Nymphing Today

1. Like every sport, fly fishing has its innovations. Right now, one of the most popular (and the most productive) is a technique called European Style Nymphing.

2. Fly fishermen in Czechoslovakia, Poland, and France perfected Euro-nymphing and competitive fly anglers adopted their tactics to win tournament after tournament around the world.

3. Euro-nymphing is hands-down the best way to get to know a river in the most intimate of ways. It’s also astonishingly effective at breaking down sections of the river and allowing you to fish every inch of it. When you’re a Euro-nymphing expert, you’ll notice the slight variations on a river’s bottom and, best of all, you’ll catch far, far more fish. Check out Guy Jeans School of Flying Fishing to see if we have a Euro Nymphing class coming up!

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