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Lower Kern River Bass Guided Float Trips

Lower Kern River - Below Lake Isabella

This is the season for Lower Kern Bass Fly Fishing, especially top water! If you want to try something really fun give Lower Kern Bass Fly Fishing a try! There's nothing better than a largemouth or smallmouth bass crushing your top water popper!


We do offer guided trips for both walk and wade or float trips for Lower Kern Bass!

Vinnie with a nice Smallie!

Lower Kern River Bass Gear Tip: 9ft 4, 5, or 6wt rod, Floating line with a 2x or 3x 7ft to 9ft leader and tippet with 1/8-ounce jig heavy bass flies. With flies that don't sink fast use a 7ft to 9ft sinking leader with 2x or 3x tippet Also, using a 2wt or 3wt rod with a sinking leader atched to a lightweight streamer is producing very well.

Bass Guide Tip: Use the Popper/Dropper technique!

Smallmouth and Largemouth are taking Poppers all day on the Lower Kern!

Flows: 420cfs

Water temps: 68-74 degrees

Lower Kern Flows outside the Kern Canyon

Guy Jeans with Kern River smallmouth bass
John M. with a Lower Kern River Smallmouth caught on top water!


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