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Crowley Lake Fly Fishing: The Anglers Guide

Nestled within the breathtaking landscapes of the Eastern Sierra Nevada, the allure of fly fishing Crowley Lake finds its way to the top of countless anglers' bucket lists.

Picture this: stunning beauty all around and a treasure trove of trophy trout just waiting to be hooked. Anglers from every nook and cranny of the globe flock to Crowley Lake, year after year, in hopes of snagging that holy grail of catches that tipped the scales at a mind-blowing 26 pounds! Talk about making waves!

As exciting as it sounds, whether you break that record or not won’t even matter. The pure joy of casting your line and watching it soar through the air in this extraordinary setting is enough to guarantee the time of your life. You'll be grinning from ear to ear, creating memories that'll have you daydreaming about this adventure for years to come. Get ready to reel in the fun!

About Crowley Lake

Crowley Lake boasts an impressive variety of trout species, including rainbow trout, brown trout, and sizeable cutthroats. One of the reasons behind Crowley Lake’s thriving fish population is the lake's optimal pH level, which supports a vibrant aquatic ecosystem.

The impressive size of the trout found in Crowley Lake can be attributed to the abundance of aquatic insects that thrive in its waters. This thriving insect population, particularly the excellent presence of chironomids, serves as a significant food source for the trout.

Numerous creeks, such as Upper Owens River, McGee Creek, Convict Creek, Hilton Creek, and Crooked Creek, contribute to the water supply of Crowley Lake.

Rainbow Trout on Crowley Lake

Guide Rob Buhler holds a Rainbow Trout caught on Crowley Lake from our center console 18’ boat. Book a trip on this boat with one of our guides here!

The Best Time To Fish Crowley Lake

Although the opening date was delayed a bit this year due to a colder winter, we're thrilled to announce that the fishery is now open and ready to offer an incredible season of angling adventures. With the arrival of warme

r weather, the lake is buzzing with activity, and the fishing conditions are absolutely fantastic. Gather your gear, grab your buddies, and get ready to make some unforgettable memories at Lake Crowley, where the fun has just begun!

The Best Gear To Bring To Crowley Lake

When it comes to taking on those heavyweight contenders in the waters of Crowley Lake, you better come prepared with a solid rod. We're talking about some serious power here, so a 4wt rod likely won't make the cut. Your arms will thank you for upgrading to a rod that can handle the battle.

  • If you’re looking for a new rod that’s up for the task, we carry all the best brands and are now excited to offer price-matching (supporting small business is WAY cooler than buying on Amazon anyways).

  • If you book a Crowley Lake trip with our guides, we’re happy to bring out your new rod so you don’t have to even worry about shipping or packing it.

Best Flies For Crowley Lake

Our expert guides are having the most success with a select 8 different flies lately. Some of these include Blood Blood & Zebra.

To find out what the 6 other recommended flies are and make the best catch, please check out our Premium Fishing Report. (Psst...this only breaks down to 11 cents a day!! Totally worth it).

Best Spots To Fish Crowley Lake

Crowley Lake Map
Map of Crowley Lake

Our guides have identified three top spots for fly fishing on Lake Crowley this year so far. One of those spots is the North Arm!

To discover the other two hot spots to fish Crowley Lake this year, check out our Premium Fishing Report.

How To Have The Best Experience on Crowley Lake

Alright, folks, here's the inside scoop – if you're looking to amp up your Crowley Lake adventure to epic levels of awesomeness, then it's time to team up with one of our fun and knowledgeable guides. These fishing gurus are like the secret agents of the lake, armed with an abundance of wisdom and armed to the gills with tips and tricks.

Our guides have mapped out the sweet spots and know exactly when and where the dream catch is just waiting to happen. They've got the playbook for success, and they won't let you miss out on the action.

These guides are masters of technique. They know their flies like nobody's business. They'll hook you up (no pun intended) with the perfect selection, tailored to entice those elusive trout and skyrocket your chances of reeling in a trophy-sized beauty.

Kern River Fly Shop is now booking private guided trips aboard our 18’ center console boat.

Don’t forget the kids, these trips are perfect for family outings.

Deli-style lunch provided on full days.


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