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7 Fly Fishing Tips For All Levels [WITH VIDEOS!]

man fly fishing high sierras California

Summer is here! With it comes amazing fishing, camping, and summer fun in the Kern River Valley. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner, these 7 fly fishing tips will help you make the most of your fly fishing experience on the Kern River.

1. Know Your Hatch & What Flies To Use

Understanding the insect hatches in the Kern River is a cornerstone of successful fly fishing, and is one of the most crucial fly fishing tips. Different insects hatch at various times throughout the year, and knowing these patterns can significantly increase your chances of catching a fish. Keep an eye on the local hatch charts and ensure you have a variety of fly patterns that mimic the current hatches. When you visit our shop, our friendly team will be more than happy to update you on what's currently biting. You can also stay informed by checking out our latest fly fishing report on our YouTube Channel or accessing our premium report available on our website.

2. Perfect Your Cast

A good cast is essential for an effective fly fishing experience. Check out a recent video from Guy Jeans teaching the Pick Up and Lay Down Cast.  If you’re eager to learn more about casting, our fly fishing school can help you perfect your technique! We also offer a comprehensive digital course that you can take from the comfort of your home. These skills are particularly useful in the tight spots along the Kern River, where precise casting can make all the difference.

3. Use the Right Gear

Having the appropriate gear is crucial for a successful fishing trip on the Kern River. For a detailed guide on the best gear to get started, check out our Complete Checklist of Equipment to Get Started Fly Fishing. Ensuring you have the right equipment will not only make your trip more enjoyable and comfortable….it will also increase your chances of success.

4. Foam is home!

Understanding the river and knowing where fish are likely to be hiding can save you a lot of time and effort. Look for riffles, pools, and undercut banks where trout tend to hide and feed. 

Check out this oldie-but-goodie short video where Guy Jeans points out examples of where fish like to hang out in the river. Remember: FOAM IS HOME!

5. Utilize Tips From The Pros

Take a page from the pro playbook with the tips and tricks in this video. Guy Jeans demonstrates some effective fishing angles and shares valuable casting tips!

6. Check the Weather and Flows

Before heading out, always check the river conditions and weather forecast. The flow rates of the Kern River can vary significantly, affecting fish behavior and accessibility. For the most current information, you can watch or listen to our podcast report on YouTube or access our premium report on our website. Staying informed about the conditions will help you plan your trip more effectively.

7. Hire a Guide

Hiring a guide can help you get the experience you’re looking for out on the water. The Kern River Fly Shop offers guided trips with experienced anglers who know the best spots and techniques for catching fish in the Kern River Valley. Our guides can provide you with local knowledge and expertise that can make your fishing experience more enjoyable and successful. Check out our guided trips here.

Our friendly and knowledgeable crew looks forward to welcoming you this summer! Even if you’re going out solo, make sure you stop in before you go for tips, flies, gear, or just some words of encouragement! Happy fishing!

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