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The 5 Unwritten Rules of Fly Fishing Etiquette

There are few things as peaceful as a day out on the water, with the sounds of the river and a gentle breeze on your back. Do your part to help keep the peace between fellow anglers & nature lovers alike by following these simple guidelines.

1. Respect Personal Space

Just like you wouldn’t somebody on your heels in line at the store, your fellow anglers also need some space to do their thing. Giving the appropriate amount of space comes with a ton of benefits (such as avoiding a fly in your back or crossing lines)!

If you’re not sure how close is too close, give us a call or attend one of our beginner classes. We have one coming up on October 15th for just $75 where you’ll learn proper etiquette, fly casting, techniques, and more foundational knowledge! Click here to learn more.

2. Don't Scare The Fish

One of the best parts about fishing is enjoying the natural soundscape of the great outdoors: birds chirping, river flowing, wildlife rustling, and of course, that gratifying sound of the fly whizzing through the air. Keep the peace by avoiding loud noises that might scare away fish and disrupt other anglers. When fishing midstream, try and avoid loud splashes that fish may perceive as a threat.

That said, don’t be afraid to get excited about a big catch – simply keep your excitement at a respectful sound level! By the way, if you want to catch a fish to get excited about, you might just catch a trout of a lifetime on Crowley Lake. Book our next clinic here or a private guided trip here.

3. Follow The Golden Rule

“Treat others how you want to be treated” can apply to many facets of life, and fly fishing is no exception. If you want space, make sure to give others the same courtesy. If you see another angler struggling, offer tips on where you’ve had luck. In short, just be a good human!

Fishing is fun, relaxing, and at times, therapeutic. Respect others during their trip & receive the same respect back.

4. Don't Stay In One Place For Too Long

Fishing etiquette 101 is to avoid fishing in the same spot all day long. Moving along gives other anglers a chance to fish in different areas and helps you cover more water, ultimately catching more fish. It’s a win-win.

Speaking of catching more fish….there’s nothing quite as gratifying as catching more fish with a fly you made yourself. Join our upcoming fly tying class for just $35 this October 15th.

5. No Trespassing

This may feel a little obvious, but never trespass on private property. As an angler, it’s your responsibility to know what land is public and what land is private. Call us crazy, but being chased off private property might ruin the peaceful vibe of your fishing trip. We're all about keeping the peace and respecting others!

If you have questions about the best spots to fish, give us a call or book one of our guided trips. Our guides know all the best spots to fish and would love to share them with you!

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